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Bill Slater Team Results

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Bill Slater, Fenton Manor

13th & 14th September 2014

by Jemma Wilson

Saturday 13th September a young Notts team, with last minute changes, competed in the Bill Slater competition at Fenton manor in Stoke. 

Laura Kaletha (espoir), Molly Palmer, Caitlin Williams and Scarlett Williams (level 2), Isla Lees and Ramiyah Kofi (level 3) made up the team competing on junior code. 

The team competed in the first round with bars for starters. Laura and Scarlett performed clean confident routines, along with Molly and Ramiyah. Onto beam with some fabulous new skills from Isla and Ramiyah performing flic layout, Scarlett also produced a stuck beam to finish 6th on this apparatus with 12.650. Strong performances from all the team on floor, Laura scoring a fabulous 13.00 to be placed 2nd on this piece, Molly P also performed a new double back in her routine with 12.400 finishing just outside the top 10. The team finished on vault, Laura produced a lovely straight yurchenko and Molly a good tuck. Isla and Caitlin both produced nice yurchenko flics to back up the team. 
The team finished a fab 8th out of 20 in a strong field.

Vault Uneven Bars   Beam Floor
Laura 12.300     10.950 9.150        13.000      
Molly 12.200 8.050 - 12.400
Scarlett 11.150 9.250 12.650 11.850
Caitlin 10.700 6.200 10.800 -
Isla 10.450 - 11.600 10.700
Ramiyah - 8.650 11.650 11.350

Notts 8th, Team Total: 178.550

For full results visit Gymdata

A good competition for such a young team with thanks to coaches Jo Miller & Jemma Wilson.

Becky Downie selected for World Championships

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Becky Downie continues to impress the selectors this year and has been chosen for the British squad heading out to Nanning in China, 3rd-12th October.

British Gymnastics is delighted to announce the men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics teams selected to represent Great Britain at the 2014 World Championships taking place in Nanning, China.

The British men’s team includes 2014 all-around British, Commonwealth and European Champion Max Whitlock, alongside his English Commonwealth gold medal teammates Nile Wilson and Kristian Thomas. 2014 Commonwealth parallel bars Champion for Scotland Daniel Purvis also takes a spot, as does his teammate 2014 Commonwealth pommel horse Champion Daniel Keatings and double junior European Champion Courtney Tulloch. The reserve is 2012 Junior European Champion Frank Baines.

The women’s team includes 2014 European silver medallists and Commonwealth Champions Becky Downie, Claudia Fragapane, Ruby Harrold and Hannah Whelan alongside member of the English Commonwealth winning team Kelly Simm, 2013 British Champion Gabby Jupp and 2013 British silver medallist Charlie Fellows. A team is made up of six gymnasts and a reserve will be named at a later date.

The Championships include team, individual all-around and apparatus competitions for both men and women and will be held in Nanning, China at the Guangxi Gymnasium.



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Congratulations to the following gymnasts

Acro - Katy Ward - hard work

Tumbling - Phoebe Collins - hard work

Girls - Isla Lees - selection to national squad and hard work

Boys - Alexander Cash - hard work

Gymnastics For All - Noah Farnsworth (P1) - hard work

Bill McLoughlin Apparatus National Finals

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Fenton Manor, Stoke-on-Trent

7th September 2014

Notts sent a team of 4 plus reserve, representing the East Midlands. Each team member competes one apparatus each. The competition also served as a trial for the Worlds team selection for Great Britain.

Team: Becky Downie, Jess Coombs, Sadia Wilson, Laura Kaletha, Res; Kirsty Baldwin

by Claire Starkey

After a frantic summer with the Commonwealth Games and Youth Olympic Games this was a good warm up competition to kick off the season especially for Laura to compete her new floor routine.

Jess performed a confident beam routine finishing in 5th place with 12.150. Laura's delivered a fabulous floor routine finishing in 4th place with 12.300. Unfortunately the bars proved a big problem for many on day 1 for the senior trialists. A different make of bars meant a watering down of Becky's bar routine but still she couldn't find her usual rhythm, finishing well below par in =5th with 11.650. Sadia, only recently back from her home of Bermuda executed her vault cleanly, scoring 12.050, 9th place.

Overall the Notts team, as the East Midlands, finished 5th with a total of 59.800.

Bill McLoughlin Team Rankings:

  1   - 65.200 - North West

  2   - 65.000 - South West

  3   - 63.400 - Wales

  4   - 60.675 - West Midlands

  5   - 60.525 - East

  6   - 59.800 - East Midlands

  7   - 59.150 - London

  8   - 58.200 - Isle of Man

  9   - 57.150 - South

Trialist Individual Rankings:

  1    55.275 - Claudia Fragapane (Bristol Hawks)

  2    47.025 - Charlie Fellows (Liverpool)

  3    45.250 - Georgina Hockenhull (Park Wrekin)

  4    45.025 - Kelly Simm (Dynamo)

  5    39.200 - Angel Romaeo (Cardiff Central)

  6    38.550 - Gabrielle Jupp (Sapphire)

  7    11.650 - Rebecca Downie (Notts)

Bill McLoughlin Apparatus Rankings:

Vault (Average):

  1    14.275 - Claudia Fragapane (South West)

  2    13.550 - Jade Stedford (North West)

  3    13.125 - Eleanor Thompson (East)

  4    12.750 - Emily Thomas (Wales)

  5=  12.675 - Laura Beasley (West Midlands)

  5=  12.675 - Leah Gordon (London)

  7    12.550 - Danielle Barnes (South)

  8    12.275 - Rebecca Johnson (Isle of Man)

  9    12.050 - Sadia Wilson (East Midlands)


  1    13.850 - Charlie Fellows (North West)

  2    12.550 - April Maslen (South West)

  3    11.850 - Ellis O'Reilly (London)

  4=  11.650 - Rebecca Moore (Wales)

  4=  11.650 - Rebecca Downie (East Midlands)

  6=  10.000 - Grace Harrison (Isle of Man)

  6=  10.000 - Georgina Clements (West Midlands)

  8    9.050 - Aasha Kimpson (East)

  9    8.050 - Emily Goss (South)


  1    13.750 - Gabrielle Jupp (East)

  2    13.550 - Angel Romaeo (Wales)

  3    12.750 - Georgina Hockenhull (West Midlands)

  4    12.250 - Olivia Williams (North West)

  5    12.150 - Jessica Coombs (East Midlands)

  6    11.450 - Radha Patel (Isle of Man)

  7    11.350 - Imogen Chan (South West)

  8    10.450 - Jade Lewis (London)

  9    10.050 - Casey Spry (South)


  1    13.250 - Kelly Simm (South)

  2    12.550 - Phoebe Turner (South West)

  3    12.500 - Ellesse Oates (West Midlands)

  4    12.300 - Laura Kaletha (East Midlands)

  5    12.200 - Nicole Burns (Isle of Man)

  6    12.000 - Lucy Stanhope (North West)

  7    11.900 - Ciara Roberts (Wales)

  8    11.500 - Sara Finn (London)

  9    10.850 - Polina Poliakova (East)


  1    14.275 - Claudia Fragapane (South West)

  2    13.750 - Gabrielle Jupp (East)

  3=  13.550 - Jade Stedford (North West)

  3=  13.550 - Angel Romaeo (Wales)

  5    13.250 - Kelly Simm (South)

  6    12.750 - Georgina Hockenhull (West Midlands)

  7    12.675 - Leah Gordon (London)

  8    12.275 - Rebecca Johnson (Isle of Man)

  9    11.650 - Rebecca Downie (East Midlands)


Notts County Championships 2014

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Notts County Championships

 27th July, Notts Gymnastics Academy

PDF-icon Notts County Champs - Full Results

Well done to all our gymnasts, some competing at their very first competiton. Below is a summary of the Notts results but for the full results click on the PDF attached.

In Age Level 7
AA 1st Nadya Piedallu-Wilson, Notts 2nd Shannon Moxon, Shirebrook 3rd Anashe Rugoyi, Retford
Competing for Notts: Isabella Bonnor (4th), Kirsten Lees (5th), Lottie Darby (6th)
Apparatus Medals: Nadya: Gold VT, UB Silver BB FX, Isabella: Bronze UB

Open Age Level 7
AA 1st Mia Cantillon, Phoenixwood, 2nd Daisy Dunleavy, Worksop, 3rd Amelie Hunter, Phoenixwood
No Notts gymnasts competed at this level.

In Age Level 6
AA 1st Beatrice Hill, Notts 2nd Phoebe Radford Shirebrook 3rd Zoe Garner, Notts
Competing for Notts: Kirsty Innes (5th), Suraiya Hoque (6th), Anya McLeod (7th), Amelia Coventry (8th)
Apparatus Medals: Beatrice: Gold VT, UB. BB, FX Zoe: Bronze VT, BB Kirsty: Silver UB  Anya: Bronze BB

Open Age Level 6
AA 1st Demi Gormley, Shirebrook 2nd Hannah Moxon, Shirebrook 3rd Morgan Gill, Worksop
Competing for Notts: Ruby Ince (17th), Lucy Maxwell (18th), Lucy Willis (19th), Poppy Ritchie (20th), JoJo Darby (21st)

Open Age Level 6 (Age 7/8)- Individual Apparatus
AA 1st Morgan Gill, Worksop 2nd Sophie Denton, Worksop 3rd Darcy Pickersgill, Retford
Competing for Notts: Ellie Heard (5th), Ruby Ince (10th), Lucy Maxwell (11th), Lucy Willis (12th), Poppy Ritchie (13th), JoJo Darby (14th)
Apparatus Medals: Ruby: Bronze BB
In Age Level 5
AA 1st Piper Tobin-Storer, Notts 2nd Leasha Penkerego-Ravenscroft, Notts 3rd Geneva Jones, Notts
Competing for Notts: Gabby Sutton (4th), Lara Hill (5th), Sofia Saporita (6th), Erin Scott (7th), Katie Watson (8th), Molly Nicholls (9th), Bijou Tucker (10th)
Apparatus Medals: Piper: Gold VT, UB, FX Silver FX, Leasha: Silver FX Bronze UB Geneva: Silver VT, Bronze BB, FX Gabby: Silver UB Lara: Bronze UB, Sofia: Bronze VT Erin: Gold BB
Open Age Level 5
AA 1st Acacia Green, Worksop 2nd Olivia Coventry, Notts 3rd Megan Ginnever, Dukeries
Competing for Notts: Charlotte Simpson (5th), Jessica Garment (7th), Jessie Mitchell (8th)
Apparatus Medals: Olivia: Gold UB Silver FX, Jessica Garment: Bronze VT, Jessie Mitchell: Silver FX
In Age Level 4
AA 1st Alyssa Hawkins, Notts 2nd Annalise Dolby, Worksop 3rd Summer Hill, Notts
Competing for Notts: Georgia Lewis (4th), Alice Marriott (5th), Honey Harris (6th)
Apparatus Medals: Alyssa: Gold VT, UB, BB, Bronze FX, Summer: Silver VT, UB, FX Georgie: Bronze UB, BB
Open Age Level 4
AA 1st Isabella Willocks, Notts 2nd Hanna Morton, Worksop 3rd Leah Waddington, Worksop
Competing for Notts: Jodie Iverson (8th), Charlotte Thomas (9th), Lucy Marriott (10th), Matilda Larkin (12th=), Elissa Neil Dwyer (12th=), Lily Moss (15th), Maisie Faughey (19th), Aaliyah Risden (20th), Alicia McLeod (21st), Maisie Ash (22nd)
Apparatus Medals: Isabella: Gold BB, Silver UB, Lucy: Silver FX
In Age Level 3
AA 1st Ramiyah Kofi, Notts 2nd Isla Lees, Notts
Apparatus medals: Ramiyah: Gold VT =, UB Silver BB, FX Isla: Gold VT=, BB, FX, Silver UB
Open Age Level 3
AA 1st  Chantae Wilson, Notts 2nd Molly Palmer, Notts 3rd Jodie Ferrol, Dukeries
Competing for Notts: Jaymee Feely (6th), Elyse Hallam (7th)
Apparatus Medals: Chantae: Gold UB, FX Silver VT Molly: Gold VT, BB, Silver FX, Bronze UB, Jaymee: Bronze FX

Notts County Champs14-Level 2

In Age Level 2
AA 1st Caitlin Williams, Notts 2nd Scarlett Williams, Notts 3rd Paige Vick, Notts
Apparatus Medals: Caitlin: Gold UB, BB. Silver VT=, Bronze FX Scarlett: Gold VT, Silver UB, BB, FX Paige: Gold FX, Silver VT=, Bronze UB, BB
Open Age Level 2
AA 1st Pippa Chalmers, Worksop 2nd Shenea Fawzi - Perrin, Notts 3rd Ella Morel, Notts
Apparatus Medals: Shenea: Gold BB, Silver FX, Bronze VT, UB Ella: Silver VT, UB Bronze BB, FX
AA 1st Katie Liwoshko, Notts 2nd Anushka Bovill, Notts 3rd Carrie Browm, Notts 4th Hannah Piechota, Notts
Apparatus Medals: Katie: Gold VT, UB, FX Silver BB Anushka: Silver UB, Bronze VT, BB, FX Carrie: Gold BB Silver FX Hannah: Silver VT, Bronze UB
AA 1st Laura Kaletha, Notts
Apparatus Medals: Laura: Gold VT, UB, BB, FX
AA 1st Ellie Downie, Notts
Apparatus Medals: Ellie: Gold VT, UB, BB, FX

AA 1st Katy Bramley, Notts 2nd Jess Coombs, Notts
Apparatus Medals: Katy: Gold VT, UB, BB, FX Jess: Silver VT, UB, BB, FX

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