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East Midlands Regionals 2015

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East Midlands Regionals 

Club Grades 6 & 5, Compulsory Levels 5, 4 & 3, Club Grades National & Regional 4 – 1

New College, Leicester, March 8th & 22nd

Full Results

Notts entered 46 gymnasts. Well done to all gymnasts and coaches with thanks to parents, family & friends for all their support on the day.

Congratulations to our medallists
Gold: Charlotte Thomas, Piper Tobin Storer, Summer Hill, Isabella Willocks, Alicia McLeod, Beatrice Hill
Silver: Leasha Pengkerego-Ravenscroft, Thea Dane,
Bronze: Shena Fawzi-Perrin, Charlotte Simpson, Aaliyah Risden, Phoebe Radford.

National Club Grades 1& 2
By Alan Price


National Grade 1 – Shenea Fawzi-Perrin, National Grade 2 – Jaymee Feely & Olivia Hackney.


Starting on Bars everyone managed to get through with no falls, a couple of missed skills meant the scores were slightly low. Moving to Beam, Shenea produced a good routine to secure the highest Grade 1 Beam score, Liv and Jaymee both had falls but after a difficult week managed to compete all of the skill they had been struggling with.


Solid performances on floor from all three but unfortunately each had moves which the judges deemed were not completed successfully, which again resulted in scores slightly lower than expected. Moving to Range & Conditioning and the best apparatus of the day for all 3 gymnasts. Finally on to Vault, Shenea competed Tucked Tuskahara for the first time in competition, unfortunately over rotating the dismount, Jaymee and Liv produced consistent vaults to end the competition on a high.

Well done to all three gymnasts who passed their grade.


National Club Grade 1 

3rd AA Shenea Fawzi-Perrin 52.067 (National Finalist)


National Club Grade 2 - Out of Age
9th AA Jaymee Feely 54.700
13th AA Olivia Hackney 51.617 
National Club Grade 3 - In Age
4th AA Lily Moss 58.400 (National Finalist)

National Club Grade 4 - In Age
5th AA Alice Marriott 58.783
National Club Grade 4 - out of age
1st AA Charlotte Thomas 61.867
5th AA Matilda Larkin 60.367
10th AA Jodie Iverson 58.585
12th AA Mollie Leonard 57.700
13th AA Evie White 57.650

National Club Grade 5 - In Age
16th AA Josie Slater 59.900
18th AA Katie Watson 59.700
20th AA Lara Hill 59.400
23rd AA Molly Nicholls 58.900
29th AA Lucy Maxwell 57.350
32nd AA Erin Scott 56.567
36th Joanne Darby 55.650
40th AA Lucy Willis 54.417
41st AA Marcie Key 53.650

National Club Club Grade 6 In Age
6th AA Tilly Wright 60.800
8th AA Niamh Lehane 60.433
12th AA Clydee Scrimshaw 59.617
20th AA Lori Prentice 58.150
24th AA Amelia Coventry 57.650
26th AA Olivia Ruddick 57.600
32nd AA Maisie Kaletha 56.683


Compulsory Level 5

1st AA Beatrice Hill 65.183

3rd AA Phoebe Radford 61.917
7th AA Anya McLeod 56.917
10th AA Zoe Garner 52.483

Compulsory Level 4

1st AA Piper Tobin-Storer 57.983 (National Finalist)

2nd AA Leasha Penkerego- Ravenscroft 55.033 (National Finalist)

4th AA Geneva Jones  54.050 (National Finalist)

5th AA Sofia Saporita  53.167 (Reserve, National Finals)

7th AA Alice Podesta (2 pieces) 28.200


Isabella & Summer

Compulsory Level 3
1st AA Summer Hill 56.600 (National Finalist)

Compulsory 3 - out of age

1st Isabella Willocks 59.183

Regional Club Grade 4 - In Age
6th AA Olivia Coventry 60.317
15th AA Demi Gormley 56.767
16th Honey Harris 56.633
Regional Club Grade 4 - Out of Age
3rd AA Charlotte Simpson 60.483
Regional Club Grade 3 - Out of Age
13th AA Jessie Mitchell 57.417
17th AA Elissa Neil-Dwyer 56.217
Regional Club Grade 2 - In Age
2nd AA Thea Dane 60.183
3rd AA Aaliyah Risden 58.100


Regional Club Grade 1 - In Age

1st AA Alicia McLeod 59.000





English Championships 2015

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The English Championships 2015
13th-15th March, Loughborough University

Notts entered 13 WAG gymnasts and 4 MAG gymnasts.
Well done to all our gymnasts that competed at such a prestigious event, many for the first time. Loughborough University hosted the event, also for the first time, which proved to be a great venue for both audience and gymnasts.
Congratulations to all of our coaches involved, a great result with our younger gymnasts showing plenty of promise.
Thanks to all friends & family who came to cheer on our girls & boys, the support was fantastic throughout the event.
The full results can be seen here.

WAG Espoirs, Friday 13th March

1st Chiara Bunce (Heathrow), 2nd Amelie Morgan (Slough), 3rd Isabel Davis (Bristol Hawks)

4th AA (=) Caitlin Williams 48.800

VT12.650, UB 10.650 (9th), BB 12.800 (4th), FX 12.700 2nd

21st AA Scarlett Williams 45.350

VT 12.350 UB 9.700 BB 11.650 FX 11.650 

38th AA Bella Aldridge 43.300

VT 12.300 UB 10.200 BB 9.750 FX 11.050

50th AA Laura Kaletha 36.100 (3 pieces)

VT 13.200 (2nd), UB -, BB 10.750, FX 12.150 (10th)

56th Chantae Wilson (1 piece)

UB 9.750


Caitlin Williams winning silver medal on floor & placed equal 4th in the AA


Laura picked up a silver medal on vault, pictured with Caitlin


WAG Seniors, 14th March

1st Amy Tinkler (SDurham), 2nd Claudia Fragapane (Bristol Hawks), 3rd Kelly Simm (Dynamo)

7th AA Katy Bramley 48.550

VT 13.050(13th), UB 11.950 (8th), BB 11.750 (13th), FX 11.800 12th)

11thAA (=) Jessica Coombs

VT 13.350 (6th), UB 9.700, BB 11.300, FX 11.800 (12th)

30th AA Elissa Downie (3 pieces)

VT -, UB 11.750 (9th), BB 13.500 (2nd), FX 12.700 (6th)

34th AA Becky Downie (2 pieces)

VT -, UB 14.900 (1st), BB 13.050 (4th) FX -

36th AA Anushka Bovill (2 pieces)

VT 12.700 (17th), FX 10.900

Becky also won the Beth Tweddle Uneven Bars award


Becky winning Gold on bars


Becky winning Beth Tweddle Award


Ellie wins the silver on beam

WAG Juniors 15th March

1st Catherine Lyons (Europa), 2nd Phoebe Turner (The Academy), 3rd Alice Kinsella (Park Wrekin)

35th AA Carrie Brown 41.450

VT 11.500, UB 7.000, BB 12.100 (11th), FX 10.850

39th AA Georgia Wallace (3 pieces) 34.400

VT 13.100 (10th), UB-, BB 11.350, FX 9.950


Carrie & Georgia


Carrie & Georgia joined by Hannah Piechota who had to pull out of Juniors with a broken toe a week before the event

English Championships You Tube videos

MAG Juniors,15th March

1st Jamie Lewis (Woking) 2nd Hayden Skinner (South Essex), 3rd Euan Cox (Pegasus)

29th AA Tyla Jae Curtis 66.250

FX 11.150, PH 12.300 (9th), SR 9.500, VT 11.200, PB 10.950, HB 11.150 (13th)

41st AA Matthew Boardman 62.100

FX 12.300, PH 9.600, SR 9.550, VT 12.750 (8th), PB 8.150, HB 9.750

43rd AA Conor McGrath 60.950

FX 10.900, PH 10.450, SR 9.600, VT10.700, PB 11.850, HB 7.450

49Tth Sam Plant 56.450

FX 12.500, PH 8.800, SR 6.750, VT 11.300 PB 8.250, HB 8.850




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MISS ALPHA FACTOR 6-8th March 2015


Pipes Vale Gymnastics Club, Ipswich

Click  Full Results

Friday 6th March

Compulsory 4 - In Age

Piper Tobin-Storer (25th), Sofia Saporita (30th), Geneva Jones (32nd), Leasha Pengkerego-Ravenscroft (34th), Gabriella Sutton (36th)

Compulsory 3 - In Age

13th AA - Summer Hill (51.900)

Wiiner of the best number!


Compulsory 3 - Out of Age

Isabella Willocks - Champion AA (56.700)


Compulsory 2 In age

2nd AA Isla Lees, (65.050)

3rd AA Ramiyah Kofi, (62.150) 


Compulsory 1

1st Scarlett Williams 1st (60.900)

2nd Caitlin Williams 2nd (60.850)

3rd Bella Aldridge (54.800)


Barbie Team Challenge (FIG)

8 teams took to the floor, with a 30 second intro performance to introduce each team. Our girls all performed well with some outstanding individual performances, notably Jess Coombs who scored 14.000 on vault. Overall the Cops & Robbers won comfortably with Laura sealing the crown with her 13.600 on floor. Katy Bramley topped the individual AA score with 50.200. A team member down, with Hannah Piechota withdrawn a few days before, The Impossibles produced some excellent vaults and solid floor routines.

The competition proved great fun with the champions scooping barbie dolls, crowns and £250 voucher to share, a good warm up for the English Championships.


Cops & Robbers Team: Katy Bramley, Jessica Coombs, Chantae Wilson, Laura Kaletha

Overall Champions Team Total 193.00

The Impossibles Team: Georgia Wallace, Carrie Brown, Anushka Bovill, Hannah Piechota (withdrawn)

7th place 155.750


Sunday 8th March

10th AA - Shenea Fawzi-Perrin, National 1, (4/5 pieces)


National 2 - 12+ years
10th AA Jaymee Feely (60.200)
16th AA Olivia Hackney, (41.650, 4/5 pieces) VT-1st 


Well done to all the gymnasts and coaches!




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Congratulations to the following gymnasts

 Acro - Amelie Eilbeck - hard work

 Tumbling - Amelia - hard work

 Girls - Georgia Wallace hard work, regaining skills and learning new ones. 

Boys - Alex Cash - results in floor and vault comp 

Gymnastics For All - Reuben (p1) - hard work


Becky Downie wins BEDSA Sportswoman of the Year

Categories // Gymnastics For All, Women's artistic

Congratulations to Becky who has won the BEDSA "Sportswoman of the Year" award. This is the second Sportswoman of the Year award she has won this year!


The British Ethnic Diversity Sports Awards (BEDSA) are the first of an annual ceremony rewarding excellence among black and minority ethnic (BME) sports men and women, helping to increase sports participation by all communities and show how BME people can lead a healthier lifestyle.

Becky Downie was nominated for the award recognising her achievements as a European and Commonwealth Champion as well as her best ever placing at the World Championships.
The award ceremony was attended by 500 plus guests and nominees. This year the ceremony was held at a fantastic location in the heart of Britain. With a star studded line up of entertainment and guests all attending to raise the profile of the event to a global audience. The awards were attended by a host of stars including, Olympic heptathlon gold medallist Denise Lewis, world and Olympic champion, Christine Ohorougu, Rugby World Cup winner, Maggie Alphonsi and Olympic gold medallist Jason Gardner.
BEDSA also gives an opportunity to raise money for a charitable organisation and profile their work locally, nationally and internationally. This is a fantastic way to bring awareness to the talents within today’s ethnically diverse Britain.
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