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WA Regional Club Team Challenge Results

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WA Regional Club Team Challenge
New College, Leicester, 14th June 2015

Congratulations to the Senior & Junior teams at the Regional Club Team challenge.
Alan Price

 Champions - The Senior Team


Senior Team: Katie Liwoshko, Carrie Brown, Anushka Bovill, Liv Hackney, Jaymee Feely

Junior Team - 3rd

2015-EMGA-Regional Teams1

Junior Team: Thea Dane, Charlotte Thomas, Mollie Leonrad, Alice Marriott & Lucy Marriott


Downie sisters picture perfect in Glasgow

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BBC Scotland's Rhona McLeod reports as gymnastics sisters Elissa and Rebecca Downie come to Glasgow as part of the promotional activities for the city's hosting of the 2015 World Gymnastics Championships and try to create some iconic photos.

Click the link to watch the short film.

Downie sisters picture perfect in Glasgow



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Congratulations to the following gymnasts 

 Tumbling - Phoebe Collins - hard work 

 Girls - Olivia Coventry and Naomi Williams good attitude, hard work and learning new skills 

Boys - Liam Jury and Conor McGrath outstanding competition performance

Gymnastics For All - Iona Mcload hard work

Acro - TBC


Women's Artistic British Compulsories Levels 1 & 2

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British Compulsories Levels 1 & 2
Pipers Vale, Ipswich, Sunday 24th May
by Jemma Wilson


5 Notts gymnasts competed their elite grades at Ipswich.

Level 2: Ramiyah Kofi, Isla Lees

Level 1: Caitlin Williams, Bella Aldridge, Scarlett Williams

Compulsory 2

First saw Isla and Ramiyah compete their national compulsory 2, they started on beam where Ramiyah had a fall on her 3 flics but performed beautifully throughout, whilst Isla performed a stuck routine with just a couple of skills not quite accurate. Both performed super floors (Isla in 2nd place, Ramiyah 8th) and strong range (Isla 1st), dynamic vaults saw Ramiyah place 7th on this piece and they finished their competition with competent bar routines, Isla just a little short on her h/s (Ramiyah 2nd). Both girls have suffered set backs leading up to the comp with injury so this is an amazing achievement with Ramiyah finishing 5th (61.95) and Isla 9th (61.65) out of 26 girls (pass mark 50!).

Ramiyah Kofi 6th AA

VT13.500(7th) UB13.100(2nd) BB 10.800  FX 12.150(8th) Range 12.400(9th) Total 61.950

Isla Lees 9th AA

VT12.850 UB11.750(10th) BB 11.250(9th)  FX 12.850(2nd) Range 12.950(1st) Total 61.650

WAG EliteComp1-2015

Isla & Ramiyah

Comp2-Ramiyah line up

Ramiyah placed 6th (far right of presentation line up)

Compulsory 1
Second round saw Caitlin, Scarlett and Bella compete at national compulsory 1, the last elite grade. They started competently on bars with clean routines, Bella placing 2nd and Cailtin 8th, beam saw strong stuck routines from Caitlin (5th) and Scarlett (7th) and although Bella suffered a few falls she fought to the end. Floor was next, the girls missed a couple skills but danced beautifully and showed powerful tumbles, on to range and all 3 girls showed nice style (Bella 3rd, Caitlin 8th), they finished their comp with 3 fabulous vaults (Caitlin 6th, Scarlett 3rd). All 3 girls passed Caitlin 5th (60.85), Scarlett 8th (60.1) and Bella (who has been fighting a long standing injury) finished 16th (55.4), only 18 girls competed this grade (pass mark 48). Well done all girls qualifying for the British Espoir! 

Caitlin Williams 5th AA

VT12.700(6th) UB11.850(8th) BB 12.400(5th) FX 11.400(8th) Range 12.500(8th) Total 60.850

Scarlett Williams 8th AA

VT12.800(3rd) UB11.700(10th) BB 12.000(7th) FX 11.650(9th) Range 11.950(8th) Total 60.150

Bella Aldridge 16th AA

VT12.200 UB12.450(2nd) BB 9.300 FX 8.650 Range 12.800(3rd) Total 55.400

Comp1-Team shot

Coach Jemma Wilson, with Bella, Caitlin & Scarlett.

WAGComp2-Caitlin line up

Caitlin placed 5th


Ellie Downie wins Sky Sportswoman of the Month!

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Congratulations to Ellie Downie who has won April's Sportswoman of the Month. Thanks to everyone who voted for her!


Full article

SkySports Sportswoman of the Month

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